As of spring 2020, the Foundation has administered $286,250 in scholarships.  One hundred forty-four have benefitted from the generosity of the school district and alumni.


    Peggy Smith Memorial Scholarship

    The Smith Family Foundation established the Peggy Smith Memorial Scholarship to honor their mother. $2,500 per is awarded to a senior for up to four years. If the recipient attends Iowa State University, the scholarship is doubled to $5,000 per year for up to four years for a total of $20,000. Since its inception, twelve students have been awarded $140,000.


    • Student pursuing a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree offered by a four-year college or university
    • Student has demonstrated superior scholarship and leadership abilities
    • Student possesses good moral character


    Past Recipients:

    2019-Braedenn Droegmiller

    2018-Laura Nielsen

    2017-Riley Anderson

    2016-Peter Eckard

    2015-Abi Meyer

    2014-Clare Eckard

    2013-Chris Albright

    2012-Zach Jones

    2011-Maggie Rohlk

    2010-Amanda Duhn

    2009-Kelly Hein

    Betty Westenberger Scholarship  Betty Westenberger

    Betty Westenberger was a fourth-grade teacher in Spirit Lake and lived in Arnolds Park next to the Roller Coaster.  She was a disciplinarian and expected excellence in her students.  $2,000 per year is awarded for up to four years.  Twelve students have been the beneficiary of her generosity awarding a total of $91,000.


    • Student pursuing a degree in Elementary Education at the University of Northern Iowa
    • Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00


    Past Recipients:

    2018-Kaia Johnson, Kiana Svoboda and Grace Wintz

    2017-Haley Bouse and Lindsey Wittrock

    2016-Sydney Boeckholt

    2015-Brandie Bushee

    2014-Grace Schoenthal and Abby Taylor

    2012-Margaret Delaney and Taylor Duncan

    2011-Jenna Tschetter


    Greg & Julie Forney Scholarship           

    Through their love of music and education, Greg & Julie Forney have brought unprecedented success to the music department at Okoboji.  Upon their retirement in 2015, members of our community donated funds to honor their years of service by presenting scholarships totaling $2,000 to five students.


    • Student pursuing a degree in music
    • Funds awarded after the successful completion of the first semester

    Past Recipients:

    2019-Jadyn Baumann

    2018-Cheyanne Schweers

    2017-Jeremiah Clay and April Welle

    2016-Kaycee Arrowood

    The Paul and Connie Williams Humanitarian Scholarship Award           

    Paul grew up on a farm near Milford and attended Okoboji Consolidated Schools.  Wife, Connie, also grew up on a farm outside Everly and graduated from the Everly Schools.  Making their home in Spencer, they raised their three children, Gary, Julie, and Shelly.


    The Williams were active in a plethora of community organizations focusing on youth, volunteerism, and humanitarianism.  Paul was also the co-founder of the University of Okoboji Marathon.  Paul passed away unexpectedly in 1996 while jogging just four days before his planned retirement and Connie passed away in 2016.  Their children honor them with a $250 scholarship to a graduating senior who has demonstrated leadership, compassion, and charitable public spirit throughout their high school career. Three students have been awarded scholarships totaling $750.



    • Student demonstration of community involvement, leadership, and compassion to school and community


    Past Recipients: 

    2020-Kyle Martin

    2019-Laura Clark

    2018-Ali Goehring

    Adolf & Esther Vestergaard Scholarship


    Years ago, there was a small resort on Miller's Bay owned by Adolf & Esther Vestergaard. Having no children of their own, it was their desire to help students to further their educations. Per their will, a scholarship fund was established in 1992, which benefitted many Okoboji students. The Okoboji Community School Foundation began administering the scholarship in 2019. Since then, twelve students have been awarded $12,000. 

    Past Recipients:

    2020-Blake Abrahamson, Hunter Abrahamson, Avery Arrowood, Camry Jones, and Taylor Parsons

    2019-Ryan Feller, Morgan Jensen, Kaitlyn Meylor, Madelyn Meylor, Sidney Ries, Emily Naatjes, and Mackenzie Vos

    Batman Family Trust Scholarship


    The Batman Family Trust Scholarship is to honor Nile E. Batman for his work as a policeman and traffic weight officer in Nebraska and Iowa, his love of music, and all the medical developments that extended his life by offering a $2000 scholarship in law enforcement, music, or the medical field. He was a kind, loving man that valued education and joy in life. 


    • Student pursuing a degree in law enforcement, music, or medicine. Priority will be given to a student pursuing law enforcement over the other fields.
    • Student must maintain a 2.5 GPA


    Past Recipients:

    2020-Quinn Dodds

    2019-Blake Peter and Shae Roberts

    H.E. & Lola Jacobs Scholarship


    The Harvey & Lola Jacobs Scholarship is a memorial from their daughters, JoAnne and Virginia, both graduates from Milford High School. Harvey & Lola were owners of the H.E. Jabs & Company general store, now the location of The Coffee Shop. The Okoboji Community School Foundation began administering this scholarship in 2019. To honor their commitment to education there are two recipients awarded a total of $500.


    Past Recipients:

    2020-Martha Stein

    2019-Hanna Butler and Taylor Titterington

    The Mike Dougherty Scholarship 

    Mike Dougherty was in the medical field for 25 years serving as a paramedic and EMT.  He worked with Lakes Regional Health Care for 11 years and in 1985 initiated the paramedic service in Dickinson County.  Upon retirement, Mike enjoys driving bus for OCSD.


    In the spirit of paying it forward, Mike will grant a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior. Four students have been awarded scholarships totaling $1,500.



    • Student must attend a community college or trade school
    • Although not a requirement, recipient is preferred to pursue training as a paramedic or medical related field of study


    Past Recipients:

    2020-Becca Bell and Magan Christopherson

    2019-Madeline Stover

    2018-Sydney Jensen


    Okoboji Community School Foundation ScholarshipFoundation Scholarship

    Funded by the Foundation, the Okoboji Community School Foundation Scholarship has awarded several scholarships.  Since 2000, 63 seniors have been awarded $16,800.


    • Good citizenship
    • Quiet leader

    Past Recipients:

    2020-Emma Abrahamson, Tyler Adams, John Alexander, Jack Batman, Austin Jones, and Jacob Lamb

    2019-Jadyn Baumann, Keitra Cabinboy, Chris Halbur, Heather Nase, and Allison Wellendorf

    2018-dao Bin Huang, Morgan Langel, Cheyanne Schweers, Mari Stein, and Ethan Tanner

    2017-Josh Kujanson, Liz Olson, Bryce Peter, Brady Huntress

    2016-Jayden Barnett, Jacob Dodge, Cole Hackbarth, and Breanne Kopera

    2015-Jonathan Ahrens, Jamie Carpenter, Hannah Grosvenor, and Austin Westerman

    2014-Haley Bushee, Ben DeMuth, Miranda Johnson, and Jen Theesfeld

    2013-Lexie Davis, Abi Hudson, Derek Patton, and Sue White

    2012-Cheyanne Kopera, Faith Bartlett, Leah Bisenius, Ryan Willey

    2011-Brian DuBois, Mary Eckard, Jordan Richey, and Bryanna Wittrock

    2010-Casey Carpenter, Kelsey Cosgrove, Amanda Duhn, and Tina Luehring

    2009-Katie Chindlund, Cecilia Eckard, JB Ellis, Mike Fernelius, Ed Johnson, Kendra Klinetobe, Trevor Rohwer, and Catie Sullivan

    2008-Sadie Mortenson

    2007-Alana Kliegl

    2006-Holly Baish

    2005-Kayla Feld

    2003-Chase Lenz

    2000-Lyndsay Rohlfsen and Stacie Towne

    Okoboji Community School Foundation Service Award

    Since 2014, the Okoboji Community School Foundation Service Award, funded by the Foundation, has awarded scholarships to five seniors totaling $5,300.


    • Student demonstrated outstanding service and leadership to school, community, and society.

    Past Recipients:

    2020-Nathan Kollasch

    2019-Jordan Koenck

    2018-Taylor Hoffman

    2017-Carson Miller

    2016-Shaelyn Adams and Grace Goehring

    2015-Anna Seeger

    2014-Gabe Goehring

    Marv Anderson Scholarship - This scholarship is now concluded

    Marv Anderson served the Milford and Okoboji Community School Districts as Superintendent from 1973 to 1997.  His commitment to academics, athletics, and the arts was commemorated in the Marv Anderson Auditorium.  Since its inception in 2005, thirteen students have received a $500 scholarship totaling $6,000.


    At the family’s request, the remainder of these funds were utilized to fund the Marvin and Garnette Anderson eXplore Labs in the elementary and middle schools.  Additional information can be found in the Special Projects section.


    • Student pursuing a degree in education
    • Funds awarded after the successful completion of the first semester

    Past Recipients:

    2017-Ade Anderson

    2016-Kaycee Arrowood

    2015-Brittney Kolbeck

    2014-Jordan Hanna

    2013-William Larson

    2012-Kara Prachar

    2011-Connor Ave

    2010-Taylor Duncan

    2009-Taylor Boeckholt

    2008-Amanda VonEwegen

    2007-Anne Neppl

    2006-Jenna Richter

    2005-Chad Larson  

    Maurice & Mickey Kramer Scholarship-This scholarship has now concluded


    Maurice Kramer was the principal of the Arnolds Park High School from 1962-1983 and Mickey was a nurse at Dickinson County Hospital/Lakes Regional Healthcare. This Scholarship will be retired after the 2019 award of $500. 

    Past Recipients:

    2019-David Alexander