• This page contains presentation materials shared as part of our district wide needs analysis. The results of the analysis will help drive our plans for the future. The findings of the FEH Architect’s Assessment Team and RSP & Associates are to determine what changes are needed within the Okoboji school district for facility improvements, facility renovations, facility additions, and/or facility replacement.

    It is essential for the school district to engage in discussions with community members and leaders, city municipalities, service organizations, parents, students, district staff, and administration to review potential modifications to the District that will enhance the learning environment, thus supporting the District's goal of Pioneering Pathways for Every Student.

    The community meetings went very well, the enrollment and demographics presentation answered many questions by community members - Very positive overall. Key Points & Key Considerations from the RSP reports:


    Key points

    Enrollment: Is projected to increase over the next five years by over 125 students (12.4%) ranging from 1.5% to 3.1% increases where the greatest increase will be at the high school level 80 students (31.9%)

    Capacity: Middle and High school capacity will be right near the maximum number of students - when this happens there could be challenges with capacity adequacy (physical space in relation to the educational programming)

    Development: Milford is the likely area where residential activity generates future students since many of the areas near the lakes have greater potential for turning over for temporary residents who will utilize the lake's amenities

    Key considerations

    • Study the impact of future educational programming that will be integrated into the schools and its relation to capacity
    • Type of residential development and how affordable it is will determine likely location and number of students - last few years has seen considerable multi-family, and more of that housing is in the works - typically fewer PreK-12 students are in these types of developments
    • Review enrollment projections at least every two school years
    • The adequacy of educational spaces might be something considered for the student experience at the middle school
    • Affordable and adequate housing will be the challenges if the trend of people purchasing existing housing or building new housing continues for nonresidential households

    The final master plan (based on FEH’s walk-through of the buildings, assessments, and community input) by FEH Architects will be presented to the school board in October. After the October presentation, there will be community meetings (night), present to the City Councils, community groups, etc., and the board will determine the project.

2016-17 Okoboji Demographic Summary

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Planning for Our Future Summary

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Okoboji Assessment Final Report

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