• Okoboji Community Schools Logo Brand System


    The Okoboji Pioneer is stylistically designed to represent integrity, pride, and tradition. "Pointing the way" in an iconic pose, the Pioneer embodies courage and strength, as well as the leadership found in Okoboji schools and community. The Okoboji Pioneer brand system fulfills this sentiment by establishing unified marks, colors, and fonts to create a comprehensive brand.

    Brand Standards:

    In order for Okoboji Community Schools to maintain brand integrity and maximize each logo's effectiveness as an identifier, all logos must be applied - without modification - according to the Logo Style Guide Document. Requests to print any portion of our logo system must be submitted to our Logo Committee using the Logo Approval Form.

    Logo Files:

    The logo files and other items included in the folders below are available to Okoboji Community Schools staff members and students for use without modification in school projects, publications, and other school-related activities. The logos must be used in a way that positively reflects the Okoboji Community School District. Questions related to the use of these files should be directed to a school administrator or logo committee member.