• Welcome to Okoboji Elementary School (OES) where we are continuously Pioneering Pathways for Every Student as we strive to make learning engaging, rigorous, and relevant. We take pride in the academic instruction that our students receive and in the fact that our students consistently demonstrate high competencies in reading, math, and science, but also that they develop the critical thinking, communication, and problem- solving skills they will need to be successful beyond their years at OES. We are committed to making sure our students’ needs are met, whether it be basic needs, social/emotional needs, or academic needs.

    We also take pride in the outstanding staff we have at OES. We work diligently to ensure that each child feels safe and loved when they are a part of Team Okoboji! The care and support that our staff provides for each student is truly amazing. Every adult at OES comes to school each day with a smile on their face as they are eager to do what they can to help each child down their pathway.

    At OES we strive to provide unique and world-class learning opportunities for our students. We believe that these opportunities will allow our students to experience many different areas of interest while they continue down their pathway. We have a beautiful Nature Nook that allows our students to get outside and experience nature in a safe and engaging outdoor learning environment. Our Smartroom gives our students fine motor development that many children miss out on as too many have become fixated on screens. Our Explore Labs push our students to experiment with many different types of tools and/or technologies in order to help them find their passions and skills in a very hands-on setting.

    These are just three examples of the ways we are Pioneering Pathways for Every Student. There is so much more that we want you to know. We would love for you to arrange a visit to Okoboji Elementary School to experience the positive culture of the building and to see first-hand the compassion and commitment of our staff. We are confident that you will see it as a place where your child will thrive.

    Yours in Education,

    Dave Vonk

    Okoboji Elementary School Principal